【Sea of Steel 】 (鋼鐵之洋)

2009年夏天,南洋姊妹劇團邀請菲律賓文化組織Sinagbayan(Art for People)至台灣進行一週的國際劇場工作坊培訓,我們的老師Joan Leiro,感懷於工作坊中的所聞所見,在回菲律賓之後寫了這首詩:〈Sea of Steel〉(鋼鐵之洋)。

Sea of Steel (鋼鐵之洋)

By Joan Lerio (作者:Joan Leiro/譯者:鄭詩穎)

Women of Asia (亞洲的女人啊)
what cause your tears (是什麼 讓妳淚流)
what pain you bear (是什麼 讓妳痛苦)

since you were born (自從妳來到世上)
since you sailed away home (自從妳啟航離家)
since you yourself a child bore (自從妳孕育後代)
since you slept at the park alone (自從妳獨睡公園)

Women of Asia (亞洲的女人啊)
what cause your fear (是什麼 讓妳恐懼)
why hide what you feel (為什麼 藏躲感懷)
dreams seem to arrive and depart (夢想 似乎達成 卻又遠走)
quickly in the land you marry and share love (轉瞬間 在妳嫁來和分享愛的島嶼)
immigrant policies are a stranger (移民政策 是個陌生人)
to immigrant brides and migrant workers (對於 千千萬萬個婚姻移民及移駐勞工)

Women of Asia (亞洲的女人啊)
what cause your awe (是什麼 讓妳驚愕)
how dropped your jaw (妳 訝異地張口結舌)
to conceive is a contracted gift (懷孕是婚約之禮)
for a job and higher wage (為了能糊口的工作與更高的薪資)
you struggle to learn the language (妳掙扎地學會嶄新的語言)
in the land you marry and respect (在這個 妳嫁來並尊敬的土地上)

My Sisters (我的姊妹啊)
you have suffered enough (妳已經遭受了太多 太多 辛苦)
you deserve joy in your heart (妳的心 理該享有歡欣快樂)
let your hopes soar in literacy and cultural training (讓妳的希冀 在識字與文化訓練中翱翔)
let your smiles shine more brightly than your tears (讓妳的微笑 比妳的淚水更加光彩的閃耀)
women of Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, (來自越南、泰國、菲律賓、柬埔寨、)
Indonesia, Malaysia and mainland China (印尼、馬來西亞、中國大陸的姊妹啊)

Sisters we are (姊妹們 我們是)
an organized sea of steel (一個有組織的 鋼鐵之洋)
engaging the proud Taipei 101 Tower (吸引著 奪目而驕傲的台北101)
in dance and mime we learn to teach (在我們學著去教導的舞蹈與戲劇)
every step we gather strength (因著每個步伐 我們一起 更加強韌)
and convene mother’s earthly songs (召喚著母親的吟唱)

solidarity in Taiwan, no more estranged home (團結在台灣 不再是他鄉)

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