Give immigrants a better chance

By Hsia Hsiao-chuan  夏曉鵑,吳佳臻

Human rights treated as a slogan

By Hsia Hsiao-chuan  夏曉鵑

Jacqueline Liu (劉姍姍), director-general of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Kansas City, Missouri, was arrested and detained by the FBI earlier this month on charges of maltreatment of her Philippine housekeepers. Answering reporters’ questions at a pretrial hearing on Nov. 16, Liu’s lawyer said she had not intended to break the law and had merely done what she thought was right.

Cambodian land seizures protested

By  Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff Reporter

Human rights groups yesterday staged a demonstration in front of the headquarters of Ve Wong Corp — a well-known food manufacturer that produces instant noodles, sauces and snacks — in Taipei, protesting against the alleged seizure of farmland in Cambodia by two of the company’s joint ventures.

Foreigners have human rights too

By Hsia Hsiao-chuan and Cheng Shih-ying 夏曉鵑,鄭詩穎

On June 26, members of civic groups gathered outside the Control Yuan to protest the human rights problems in the National Immigration Agency’s detention centers. They also asked the Control Yuan to investigate the issue. Unfortunately, only a few reporters were interested enough to attend the event.

Dealing with a misguided MOFA

By Hsia Hsiao-chuan 夏曉鵑

Agitprop Film Festival Booklet

AGITPROP is an international festival of films that promote genuine peoples’ struggles all over the world. It takes the role of giving a much needed venue for films and filmmakers that dare present social realities, often silenced and confused by the dominant modes and channels of information. It is for films that take on the issue of imperialism and neoliberal globalization, resistance and liberation struggles, genuine democracy, human rights, and social justice among others.

International  Film Festival On Peoples' Struggles Booklet

Does Taiwan genuinely respect plurality?

By Hsia Hsiao-chuan 夏曉鵑

The word “Taiwan” has recently been popping up more than usual in international news reports, but unfortunately the exposure the country has been getting amounts to a slap in the face for Taiwanese and the government.

Let widowed immigrants work

By Hsia Hsiao-chuan 夏曉鵑

The Alliance for Human Rights Legislation for Immigrants and Migrants (AHRLIM) has been promoting immigrants’ rights in Taiwan for many years. On Friday last week, three years to the day President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) took office, the alliance called a press conference to protest Ma’s failure to put into practice his campaign policy proposals about security and equality for women.

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